The Class System

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The Class System

Post  Col. StaR on Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:01 pm

In order to categorize weapons based on their characteristics and availability to the public, the G.S.A.F. has decided to sort the weapons into their Weapon Class System. This system not only mandates what weapons are available to which traders, but it also sets the regulations and licensure requirements for all buyers.

In the G.S.A.F.'s Weapon Class System, there are 4 classes in which legal weapons exist within.

Class A: The lowest and most easily acquired license, this class applies to all semi-automatic, small caliber weapons, most of which are pistols. Only recently has this class also been expanded to magazine-fed and concealable pistols.

Class B: The second class is the broadest one in range of characteristics. Incorporating fully automatic small caliber submachineguns and longbarreled pump-action shotguns or rifles, it also opens the door for large caliber handguns as well. While the restrictions are much reduced with a Class B, the requirements and licensure procedures are much stricter and more expensive.

Class C: Considered the final stage in licensure, the Class C opens the door to military grade and scoped weapons. Because of the potential dangers and responsibilities, Class C is the strictest class and often the costliest as well.

Class M: Licensed only to military and CE soldiers, these military grade weapons are illegal in any one else's hands. Explosives, rocket launchers, and anything else in current military service usage falls under Class M classification.

Class F: Weapons authorized only to U.G.A.F Federal soldiers, and produced solely for them. This could consist anywhere from the unique rifles and sidearms used in their service, to the experimental pulse weaponry recently put into field practice.

In order to legally wield or sell a weapon of a certain classification, an individual must be licensed and certified to possess and operate such weaponry. It is illegal, and thus punishable by law, to be in possession of a weapon which is either illegal or not within a class you are allowed to operate.
To obtain a weapon license, please contact proper authority figures. In the case of Xenon regulations, one should attend to their Sector's Public Affairs Administrator. They will run all the proper background checks and certification procedures. If necessary, the Public Affairs manager may send you to contact an outside group or individual in order to be instructed or briefed more in depth. Once the prerequisites have been met, and you have paid the amounted dues, your license will be purchased and made official.

Note: It is important to note that all weapon licenses operate cumulatively, meaning that you must first have the previous necessary license before being able to apply for the next one (i.e. You must have a Class A license before getting a Class B, Class B before Class C).

Note for military personnel: your training and specializations automatically qualify you for Class M licenses. Note that any any unauthorized operation of weapons or equipment you are not authorized or trained to use may result in a punishment discretionary to your employer.


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