Planetary Overview

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Planetary Overview

Post  Sheckley on Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:41 pm

The surface of Vexador, "Michigan" Factory in background.

Estimated Population: 2,280,000
Estimated Age: 10.1 Million Years
Mean Radius: 9512.1 km approximately
Surface Area: 23948714850.0 km^2 approximately
Surface Composition: 40% Water, 20% Urbanized Districts and Factories, 40% Uncolonized Territory
Average Day: 34 Hours
Average Year: 244 Days
Average Gravity: 1.189.g
Number of Satellites: None.


Origins and Colonization:


Wildlife on Vexador is mostly comprised of small mammals and avian creatures which are adapted to life in the mountainous terrain, though the most notorious creature native to Vexador would be the "Razorbeak", as dubbed by colonists, a large flightless bird resembling a prehistoric avian. Razorbeaks are known for being highly territorial and attacking animals and humans alike if seen straying into the wrong area.


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