Pressurized Vanguard Combat Armor (P.V.C.A.)

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Pressurized Vanguard Combat Armor (P.V.C.A.)

Post  DrakoWulf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:43 am

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: The Pressurized Vanguard Combat Armor is the official armor set developed for the Vanguard Brigade's in active service by Wrangler Protective Clothing and Uniform Industrial. As it's name suggests, the suit has the ability to become completely air-tight in the event oxygen levels become a problem in an operation in either deep space or an airless planet. Although the helmet has the ability to retract the face covers of it's wearer, the majority of soldiers prefer to enter the field of operations with it locked down and using the helmets filtration system for the possible event that enemies might resort to biological weaponry. The pressurization mode seals the helmet air tight, making the user dependent on the usage of the compressed air supply in the suit itself, only able to give a steady supply of refiltered air with the suits external breathing filters locked for a relatively short period of time. The suits helmet also comes with a HUD system, featured on a screen displayed in front of the wearers eyes that details information about the climate temperature, and geographic coordinates of the suits location, along with mission information and other intel logged through by off-field command. A built in long-range communications radio is also a standard addition to the armor, keeping the suit's user in touch with off-field commanders and mission coordinators.

The suit itself is made from portions of quantanium plating, worn over thick full-body kevlar armor. The kevlar body suit offers protection from smaller caliber rounds, but hardly any from more powerful calibers. The quantanium plating that makes up the helmet, torso armor, and guards for limb joints are much more effective in terms of overall durability. In order to not impede the wearers movement too heavily, what plating is used is extremely thin and can only be depended to absorb a small amount of punishment before weakening. The weakness is particularly notable in the face visor of the helmet itself, but it still proves to be much more dependable then average steel. The suit also comes with a built in retractable parachute in the back of the torso, deployable through ripcords on either side of the chute (It is required to only pull one however). The chute itself is able to be directed in a similar fashion to a hang-glider, and can be pulled back into it's container through button functions on the back of the suit or through direct HUD interface with the suits functions.

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