Leather Duster

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Leather Duster

Post  DrakoWulf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:56 am

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origin and Function: The most standard type of clothing in the way of trench coats in the Federation, this type of outfit is sold on every planet in almost every major urban center. It's design, cheap leather material, and overall protective quality makes it an all around cheap and easy outfit to purchase for anyone with a sore wallet. Produced by a multitude of various corporations around the systems, hundreds of different brand names can be found on such outfits around the galaxy, yet all have the same qualities. This outfit has seen a widespread favor on the planets of Veles and Desertia, both due to the unforgiving nature of their planets terrain and hazards. Coming in either a brown, black, or in rare cases gray color scheme, the coat also sports a customary hood for head protection. Certain scavengers and mercenaries on planets like Desertia have taken to finding the duster to their liking due to the dusters ability to effectively conceal arsenals and wares, which has also made this outfit a generic favorite for Bandits and Marauders. Bandits will often seek to mix the duster with a mask to conceal their identity, which has actually led certain vendors to sell balaclava's along with dusters. However, this style first started on Veles due to the snowy conditions making it an intelligent choice to wear a mask. Unlawful pedestrians gradually caught on to such an opportunity.

  • One brown / black leather trenchcoat with hood.
  • One pair of fingerless black leather gloves.
  • One pair of hiking boots.
  • One black balaclava.

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