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Combat Trenchcoat

Post  DrakoWulf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:35 am

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Originally created by rebelling Miner's during the Xenon Miners Revolution in the early 24th Century, what was unofficially named 'The Combat Trenchcoat' would become a well known mix of both civilian clothing and that of combat-ready military grade gear. Miners originally took their own clothing that often lacked any form of camouflage, preferably a trenchcoat / leather duster, and would equip kevlar and load-bearing vests stolen from the U.G.A.F or Close Endeavors. In later stages of the rebellion, groups of miners would take C.E.F.M Mark 5 helmets off dead U.G.A.F soldiers and use them to their own advantage. While the Miner's were inevitably slaughtered when the U.G.A.F arrived in full force, the outfit found common use alongside the S.E.T.U uniform set. While most sets were rounded up due to consisting of contraband material, X.E.M began to notice a high demand for the suit in the Desertian population that led to them contracting and supplying a new division of the X.I.E.S to produce such uniforms for them. Surprisingly, the uniform did only moderately well on the market despite it's high demand, most likely due to the price. But as time has gone on, it has become more and more popular with individuals of various occupational interests. It has become a personal favorite in the hands of bounty hunters, and mercenaries, mixing the Leather Duster's quality to conceal weaponry while coming with better protection for actual shootouts.

The helmet used in the Combat Trenchcoat set contrary to popular belief, is not a Mark 5 C.E.F.M helmet. Rather, a Mark 5b variant that has been modified for the civilian market specifically for the Combat Trenchcoat variant. The rights to do this were hotly debated between X.E.M and the U.G.A.F for quite some time, but it was finally agreed to in the early 40's of the 24th Century. Since then, the masks have found their way into common underground organizations and illegal 'military hardware' stores in the black market in the Federation. The difference between the standard Mark 5 and the Mark 5b is primarily a case of durability. While the filters last just as long as a Mark 5 and sport all it's features, as well as the magnetic attachment for a RadTech Radio Headset, the mask's actual foundation has much less attention given to it making the actual durability of the masks casing to be much more inferior compared to the original variant. All in all, good maintenance can keep your mask in good repairs through thick and thin. The Mark 5b also has the Mark 5's HUD function removed from the interior, as well as any up-links to HUD networks. The outfit under the load-bearing vest and kevlar is also much more specific then it was during the Rebellion, when any garments would do for the Miner's. It's name is now etched in stone as it is now specifically based around a trenchcoat design, sporting a black camouflage pattern in it's material. Made from a breathable cotton material, it is strangely ideal for the desert conditions of Desertia due to a light weight feel to the actual clothing that allows heat to breath out easier. It also sports a hood similar to the Leather Duster that it's clothing design was based on, coming with a white inner-lining material.

  • One black cotton-drill trenchcoat with hood.
  • One pair of black leather gloves.
  • One set of black cotton; digital camouflage slacks.
  • One pair of black heavy-duty combat boots.
  • One C.E.F.M Mark 5b Mask. (Can be sold with or without filters.)
  • One Kevlar Vest.
  • One Load-Bearing Vest.
    - One equipment pouch.
    - One small equipment pouch. (Compasses and objects of similar size.)
    - Features slots for other pouches. These must be bought separately.

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