Class F: T.P.C

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Class F: T.P.C

Post  DrakoWulf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:00 pm

Manufacturer: Tesla Atomic's Laser and Energy Industry
Caliber: Concentrated Micro-Fusion Cells
Class: F


Description: A currently experimental carbine pulse rifle, developed as an official U.G.A.F. weapon in 2363. The Tactical Pulse Carbine itself fires a concentrated pulse round, capable of easily tearing through any fabricated armor defenses, and even wearing through titanium when given the proper amount of concentrated fire. The weapon is able to fire in either a semi-auto, three-shot burst fire, or full-auto fire modes. The customization ability of the weapon is also a plus for soldiers, given the originally restricted weapon modifications that could be done to original standard issue equipment. The T.P.C. comes equipped with a low-moderate intensity scope, that can be removed and allow the user to simply use the iron sights as normal. Other equipment such as holographic sights are also utilized, but the scope is preferred for marksmen. The rifle also bears the ability to have an under-barrel mounted grenade launcher, flashlight, or shotgun attachment. The weapon utilizes small ammo magazines, referred to as a 'micro fusion cell'. The cell can be inserted via small openings with covers on either the left or right side, and can hold up to a maximum of at least fifty concentrated pulse rounds.

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