Class F: C.J.P

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Class F: C.J.P

Post  DrakoWulf on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:01 pm

Manufacturer: Tesla Atomic's Laser and Energy Industry
Caliber: Concentrated Micro-Fusion Cells
Class: F


Description: Another experimental weapon in the Vanguard arsenal, the Compact Judgment Pistol serves as a sidearm counterpart to the T.P.C. combat rifle in it's production stage. Similar in technology to it's brother, the C.J.P. fires concentrated pulse rounds from smaller micro fusion cells, able to contain a maximum of twenty-five rounds. The cell itself is inserted via the top of the pistol, through pulling back the chamber of the weapon and directly inserting the cell into it's position, then sealing the breach tightly. A small indicator on the top of the weapons grip displays how many rounds are left, and the weapon is even capable of forcefully ejecting the cell within the chamber when the cover is pulled back and a small button on the right side of the gun is pressed. The only downside to the C.J.P. is it's obscene amount of recoil, which is fortunately manageable for the Vanguard with their state of the art armor. The weapon is planned to be toned down in the force of it's shots to limit the recoil before it is sent into service with standard soldiers, but the high recoil version is planned to remain in service with the Vanguard without modification due to the general effectiveness the weapon serves to a target so long as the recoil is managed.

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