Rules and Expectations

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Rules and Expectations

Post  Col. StaR on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:46 pm

Community Rules
The Community Rules apply to everyone who chooses to partake within the DesertiaRP community, and extends to anything that is involved within the community (e.g. forums, events, member-member conversations, ect.). While each other category has its own set of rules, the community rules are general rules of conduct towards everyone else.

1. Respect and Maturity everyone mutually and equally.
An environment of mutual respect and politeness is key to maintaining a good appearance, not only for yourself but to the community as a whole.

- 1.1 Open Mindedness and Polite Disagreement.
Even if you disagree, you can respond in a polite manner, perhaps state why you disagree. Remember that everyone's opinion and perspectives have clout, just as yours do, but just because they are different from yours, do not make them any less important.

- 1.2 Trolls, Haters, and Flamers will not be allowed.
The reverse of Rule 1, anyone who chooses to bypass respect, and instead choose to insult and scream like a spoiled brat, will be punished. If there's anything we hate more, it's a troll.

- 1.3 Modesty and Restraint
I don't care how awesome you think you are, it is only polite not to brag or boast in anyone's face with the intention to degrade them or enhance yourself. It's a shallow tactic that shows some serious personality flaws, and it reflects poorly on you, no matter what you have to prove.

- 1.4 No Discriminatory, Racist, Sexist, Fascist, Ethnicist, or Religion-insulting comments or actions are allowed.
We come from all places, from all races, and from all walks of life. Be careful about whose toes you step on, preferably choosing not to step on them at all.

- 1.5 Inter-Community Relations
DesertiaRP, after going through various bouts and other communities, has made the decision to remain independent of the others. Because we want to maintain our small-community status, we do not wish to disrupt the operation of other communities, nor appear to do so in any way with intention of harm. In interaction between DesertiaRP and members of another RP community, you are not allowed to brag, flame, troll, disrupt, hack, or incriminate anyone from either side. Failure to do so will result in an immediate expulsion from the community.

2. Administrative Authority
The Admins are the individuals whom operate the community to the best of their abilities. While the community, its players, and the RP are all in their agendas, listening to whining, trolling, or flaming is not. The administrators are given their position of power because they have a job and are willing to see it through, regardless of whatever is in their way.

- 2.1 Members must abide by Administrative decisions
While you may not like what the decision is, you must abide by what it is. Going around the backs of the admins, or out right ignoring what they say is an insult to them, and counter-productive to their goals and assignment. Members who do not listen will most likely be removed from the community, potentially permanently.

- 2.2 Members are allowed to Disagree
You are allowed to disagree with our methods or ideas, and are welcome to voice your concerns. Just keep it respectful, and abide by the rules.

- 2.3 Be patient with the Admins
We have a big job, comprised of lots of smaller jobs, and it never ends. Combine that with outside lives, side projects, and actual RP time, and administration is an equivalent of a full time job. With our patience on its last legs as it is, don't bug us over petty matters. We will get to it eventually, but not if you're annoying us.

3. Common Sense
Use it.

4. English Please
The accepted language of the community has been comprehensible English: speekign wit bad speelling and total laak of punctuation an grammer, l_ls1ng 1337 c0ns14nt1y, говорить в иностранном языке, are all discouraged and prohibited.

Forum Rules
The rules on the forums are simple and typical of basically any other forum message board. Because of this, we don't have a lot of rules nor restrictions, but we will still hold people accountable.

1. Stay on Topic
Don't sway the topic too often, especially since whoever made the thread will want to know more about it. Please always try to relate any tangents back to the topic at hand.

2. Forum Necro-ing is both annoying and pointless
The general rule of thumb is that if a thread has gone for more than one week without activity, it is considered dead. Posting in it without any purpose or poignant response is considered Necro-ing. Do note, however, that if a response is portent, informational, or providing an update on the topic, it is considered valid.

3. Post appropriately.
That means that threads are in the right place, and their topics are related to their location (e.g. offtopic stuff in Offtopic, news in news, ect)

4. Try not to double or triple post.
We know that it happens on accident periodically with double posts, but the forums offer an Edit button so that you can add in comments and such without creating an annoying second post.

5. No post whoring
They're forums. It's not like you're proving anything other than you're a post whore (unless they're important posts).

6. No Explicit 18+ Content
There are other websites for that. We are not the /b/oard. Keep all your porn and obscenities to yourself, but keep it away from our community.

Server Rules
Server rules will be held in a much stricter accordance with the rules. Because DesertiaRP is our main community interest, we will maintain its good nature to the best of our abilities. Expect rules to be much harsher this time around.

1. Actually Roleplay.
I know that the server is a good way to communicate with friends and hang out in OOC, but that is not the point of the server. The point of the RP server is to RP, and it should stay that way.

- 1.1 Respect OOC Delays
It is there for a reason. If you don't like it, and may be infuriated with it because you're trying to speak out, then you obviously don't understand what you're doing and why you shouldn't be inserver. See Rule 1.

- 1.2 RP Whenever Possible
Even though a lot of functions are completed through the script itself, RP can be included into those functions, and aspects that are not functions. Examples of this would be RPing an exchange of money, maintaining weapons, and RPing weapon malfunctions.

2. Obey the PK Rules

- 2.1 Do not try and avoid getting out of a PK illegally in any way.
Doing so is to go against admin authority, and will result in a ban.

3. Whatever happens in RP, happens in RP. Deal with it.
Bad things happen all the time in real life, so no do-overs should exist in RP either. If something happens that is legitimate RP, free from minging or OOC shenanigans, then the actions are considered valid, canon, and irreversible. Except in cases in which minging, OOC, an accident are apparent, the course of the RP cannot be changed.

4. Explicit 18+ content is prohibited in the server.
Simple enough. Keep all your porn sprays and obscene content off our server.

4.1 SexRP is not allowed to be conducted inserver.
We know and acknowledge that a certain portion of the community may want to engage in SexRP regardless of the server rules. To this, we are going to tell them some simple orders to follow: don't do it in our server where it can be an adolescent distraction. And when it comes to in-server application, keep the whole matter private and mature. Don't toss logs out everywhere and don't go waving it around in peoples' faces.

5. A character thread is necessary in the Character Database in order to apply for a faction, license, or advance in any skills.
It's all for the book keeping in order to maintain order within the community's vast inner workings.

- 5.1 Cyborg, Robot, AI, Alien, and other non-human/modified humans/superhuman characters are prohibited from being created without Administrative consent.
The reason for this is the risk of powergaming, misuse, or disagreement with the current canon.

Administrative Rules
Despite what some individuals may believe, Administrators enforce the rules that are set, and they cannot act outside of their own authority. The following rules apply specifically to Administrators, Moderators, and people with authorization higher than that of a regular member.

1. Enforce the Rules to the fullest.
The community cannot continue without the application of rules.

1.1 Enforce the rules justly and blindly.
Bias is a tempting notion, but it ruins any sort of justice when it comes to the rules. The rules and punishments will be handled and dealt with accordingly, no matter who the parties in question are.

1.2 Do not Exploit your Position
The community trusts you with power, in order to utilize this power for the betterment of the community. If you abuse your power at any point in time, your position may be revoked or suspended.

2. Pull Your Weight in Administrative Duties.
We all have a part to play, and we can't have slackers doing nothing but playing. Administration is a job, and it is expected that everyone will pull their share of the weight. Failure to do so will bring your position into question.

3. Failure to Administrate and Manage will bring your Position into Question.
If you can't do your job, then you don't deserve it. Once an individual's performance is in question, a discussion will occur amongst the administrators and moderators in private in order to discuss the circumstances, and deliver a verdict on the individual's position.

3.1 Leaves of Absence must be Noted and Excused.
If you disappear for a while, we must know in order to ensure that you haven't deserted your position.

RP Expectations.
RP is the cornerstone of the community. For that reason, the administration has decided that RP conduct must never be compromised for any reason. As the RP server will also be a player's first impression of the community and its members, it is important that a good impression is made in order to attract new members. For that reason, DesertiaRP holds a solid standard for roleplay. Some may see the RP expectations as unrealistically high, but they are actually subconsciously abided by for experienced and serious RPers.

1. Most of the Time, you should be RPing.
Again, it's a simple rule. This is a roleplay server, you should be RPing. Sandbox and Counter Strike all exist, so feel free to do what you wish there. But as long as you are in our server, you will use it for its intended purpose.

1.1 Passive RP.
Most of the RP that encompasses DesertiaRP will most likely be PassiveRP. Because of the focus on characters and personal story arcs, PassiveRP creates time and situations for these to be fulfilled. We can't have constant gunplay, and passive as pure RP as it can get.

2. A RP standard MUST be met.
Yes, that is correct. Not only must you be RPing, but you must also be RPing to our standard. This expectation sounds more difficult than it actually is, as most competent RPers will never have a brush with this expectation. All players must at least fulfill a Basic level of RP, as described in our RP classroom.

2.1 All Players will Receive a Chance to Prove and Improve themselves and their RP
All new players will automatically be observed for their level of RP ability. If they fall under the expected level of RP, an administrator or moderator will attempt to assist and aid the player until they reach the expected level.

2.2 We Reserve the Right to Kick and/or Ban for Poor Level of RP.
If a new player is unwilling to cooperate, or unable to improve, they can and may be removed.


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