Planetary Overview

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Planetary Overview

Post  DrakoWulf on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:31 pm

Estimated Population: 1,980,000 People
Estimated Age: 7.1 Million Years
Mean Radius: 6982.1 km approximately
Surface Area: 612607054.0 km^2 approximately
Surface Composition: 50% Urban Living, 10% Water, 30% Woodlands, 10% Wasteland.
Average Day: 22 Hours
Average Year: 417 Days per rotation
Average Gravity: 1.164.g
Number of Satellites: Two. Morana, and Koschei.

Description: Alkanost is a threateningly barren planet devoid of much life aside from it's human inhabitants. The planet's terrain is mostly consistent of dry woodlands and flat infertile wastelands, little rain ever coming to the planet and giving it a dry and humid climate all year around save for the few rare occasions a slight drizzle of rain may occur. To this end, life on Alkanost is considered hard by the I.R.A citizens who reside there. The planet is completely reliant on the food and drink imports that come in massive quantities from Minerva, the Autocratic government often being forced to preserve and maintain large quantities for distribution to the public to prevent the quick drainage of resources and the inevitable result of mass starvation that could cripple the nation. While the planet no doubt has more terrain that could be quickly colonized, I.R.A officials are hesitant to do so due to the possibility of compromising the very few fertile locations in the woodlands capable of growing some scarce amount of food. However, the planet is incredibly rich with the 'Alkahest' substance that managed to substitute for fuel when it came to running starships and other devices in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries, making it possible for humanity to successfully expand beyond Earth's irradiated surface.

Origins and Colonization: Alkanost was first colonized in 2140 near the Solar system in the Orion arm of the galaxy. Originally populated by the Russian Federation, the third member state of the United Colonial Confederacy, Alkanost was ventured to purely out of the populations desire to escape Earth and yet find a home of their own outside the Minerva system which was primarily unorganized in it's colonization structure. At heart, the Russian government also intended to try and find some hopeful alternative to help the Confederacy's dire need for a substance to help the colonization starships and keep industry on the proper track. What they found was a planet barren and devoid of life, yet a blessing with the substance known as Alkahest. While the compound was and still is incredibly unstable and required specialized engines to run, it was a strongly preferred alternative to burning through the last of Earth's scarce fuel reserves. While Alkahest still caused many incidents where engines running the substance might spontaneously explode under high amounts of pressure like pressing into warp-speed, it's purpose in the human expansion effort was irreplaceable and Alkanost was deemed a worthy colony. It was later the site of the 'Third Russian Civil War' in 2153 when Autocratic revolutionaries under Karin Martinov and Leonid Makarov overthrew the Federation's government under President Anton Gataullin due to the increasing desire to separate from the inefficient Confederacy. Naturally, the planet served as a battle ground for the First Colonial Wars when the I.R.A was formed and seceded from the U.C.C and failed. Since then, the Autocracy has still existed on Alkanost in the days of the G.S.A.F, the planet as a living testament to the wars fought on it and the ingenuity that brought the I.R.A close to separation.

Wild-Life: Alkanost is devoid of any natural fauna, humans being it's first known inhabitants. But the theory still circulates that life may have at one time existed on Alkanost in a time it might now have been so barren, leading to the I.R.A remaining constantly searching for some kind of sign of a relic or remnant of a past civilization or creature.

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