Planetary Overview

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Planetary Overview

Post  DrakoWulf on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:33 pm

Estimated Population: 1,000,000 People
Estimated Age: 3.1 Million Years
Mean Radius: 9462.2 km
Surface Area: 1125107735.9 km^2 approximately
Surface Composition: 96% Desert, 4% Recognized Towns.
Average Day: 25 Hours.
Average Year: 372 Days per rotation
Average Gravity: 1.139.g
Number of Satellites: Two. Glavik, and Dryndoc.

Description: Desertia is a completely barren world of sand, intense heat, and more sand. The planet's unfavorable climate, fruitless appearance and apparent lack of resources makes it a highly detestable planet that the G.S.A.F originally thought unnecessary of colonization until the discovery of the minerals it contained. Under the sandy surface of Desertia are billions of cave networks laced with minerals and resources that has convinced the G.S.A.F that the planet is a worthy investment. The compounds mined from Desertia are a necessary contribution to make the 24th Centuries prized and most durable available metal, Quantanium; which has fallen into popular usage by the Federal government and other corporations around the human colonized galaxy. To this end, a massive amount of Desertia's initial population was almost nothing but miners and corporate businessmen with a minority of people with genuine interest in tow. Since the early efforts however and after the attempted Miners Rebellion in Xenon, Desertia has been viewed as the 'frontier' of the galaxy where a stagnating amount of people have gone to attempt to escape the domineering government of the human galaxy and obtain what many perceive as 'actual freedom'.

Origins and Colonization: Desertia was first examined for actual colonization in 2298 after Themis' oil supplies were discovered and interest began to grow in what the Xenon system offered the Federation's people. At first glance, the planet was a barren and desolate desert wasteland with a startling amount of hostile wild-life with the intent to kill any who trespassed on their planet. But after expeditions into the underground sections of the planet were underway, it was discovered the planet was very much a worthy investment with it's plentiful amount of rare minerals under the surface. When Charles Xenon and the Department of Colonization and Space-Travel of the Federal government gave their approval to colonize the planet, Desertia became populated by a class consistent primarily of miners and laborers working under X.E.M in the interest of the Federation. It was also shortly after this that Desertia became the first recorded site to discover sentient alien life in the form of the Jagaluk's outside of the hostile fauna of the planet. It was from the Jagaluk's that X.E.M learned the originally given names of the planets satellites and central star, the planet never having a recorded name. In a gesture of friendship and respect to the Jagaluk culture, X.E.M opted with the Federal government to refer to Brivian, Glavik, and Dryndoc by their original granted names. The Jagaluk's still continued to refuse to claim any right to Desertia or insist a role in the Federation's politics, remaining in the background of the miners work. Early in the 50's of the 24th Century, the Miners of the planet became restless due to poor working conditions, corporate executive's ignoring requests of the workers, and poor salary to add salt to an already infected wound. This led to the so called 'Miners Fever Rebellion' in 2354 when the Miner population sprung up in attempted rebellion against X.E.M but inevitably ended in defeat at the hands of Close Endeavors and the U.G.A.F's joint forces. While the conditions of work for the Miners has since 'improved' and the insurgency primarily quelled, the planet has since become a hotspot for crime and lawless organizations to base their activities. But never the less, the planet remains an important locale in the galaxy for the human race as a whole to benefit from what it has to offer.

Wild-Life: Aside from the sentient Jagaluk race that originally existed on Desertia, the planet is ripe with wild-life. The most populous species being the subterranean Formian's, often considered to be the 'farmers' of Desertia's minerals and resources in the underground caches. Other species include the Sandcrab's, and the Warwasp hives.

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