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[Item] PDAs

Post  Col. StaR on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:06 am

Manufacturer: Various, most notably Indigo Electronics, VisiOn, and South Trekker Electronics Industrial
Purpose: Personal Electronic Device
Cost: Varies, based on purpose, model, and intended usage


No matter where you are in GSAF space, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) have become a seemingly essential gadget for any working body. Able to assist the everyday life of the average citizens, the personal electronics industry continues to flourish. Millions of credits are exchanged and invested into the creation and distribution of the newest, latest, and greatest PDA model. It is estimated that about 400 million devices are in circulation within colonized space, and they are even seen and utilized as a status symbol within one's social atmosphere.

As with all technology, the fringes of the colonized space see much less exposure and usage. As a result, PDAs on Desertia are a scarce sight, and only foreigners, freelancers, and wealthy individuals would posses such a device. DETS can offer PDAs, but they are at a price that most individuals would be unwilling to part with.

In terms of function, PDAs offer a wide variety of functionality, based on the quality of the model and its intended purpose. The most basic functions include a calculator, notepad, personal organizer, IntraNet access, media player and data transfer. More advanced models may offer a translation system, telecommunication and text transmission, and an integrated camera. The most advanced models are supported by a series of hosted applications, capable of being downloaded via IntraNet wherever it is available, in addition to development kit software, which allow for near-infinite application. Ruggedized models are especially popular with soldiers, mercenaries, and explorers, so ruggedized PDA models offer either basic or more advanced functionality, and have their cases reinforced for added protection.


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