Class B: MP5A2

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Class B: MP5A2

Post  Col. StaR on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:59 pm

Manufacturer: Heckler and Koch
Caliber: 9x19mm
Class: B


Description: Perhaps Heckler and Koch's most famous submachinegun design, the MP5 legacy has persisted throughout history. In addition to being reliable, robust, and dependable, the MP5 has gained considerable prestige for its excellent handling and decent recoil. Paired with its submachinegun stature, the MP5 was almost universally accepted as the submachinegun weapon of choice amongst law enforcement and paramilitary groups.


"Who Dares, Wins"
-British SAS Motto

Desertia Characters:

-John Winters, CE Commander: Alive
-Terra Heinz, Local DETS: Alive
-Sofia Sanders, Deadly Mercenary: Alive
-Peterson Irving, XEM Scientist: Alive
-Steven Farell, Undercover GDN Agent: Alive
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