Helios Armored Personnel Carrier

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Helios Armored Personnel Carrier

Post  DrakoWulf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:03 pm

The original design of the Helios featuring the .50 caliber canon and tire design.

Description and Origin: The Helios APC was first designed in 2276 to replace the aged Damocles models used as far back as the Minervan Civil War between the Confederation and Coalition. The primary design focus of the Helios was a vehicle that could travel on all types of terrain as well as provide an acceptable crew capacity and offensive means that the Damocles originally lacked aside from a hatch gun. Advancing on the U.G.A.F APC designs that utilized a turret and guided rocket systems, the Helios took to utilizing a main canon that would receive several variations over the different model types.

The first Helios model and primary one used to this very day due to it's high success rate and cost is manufactured by the vehicle construction division of Fabrique Nationale. The sturdy chassis and plating of the Helios was originally made from titanium due to the expensive nature of quantanium metals at the time of the APC's design, but in 2287 the metals were fully switched over and introducing a vehicle that rivaled the U.G.A.F brand in terms of protection. The Helios has seats able to support eight soldiers with space for four other men to stand, in addition to two seats in the front for the driver and main canon operator, alongside a roof hatch providing a seat for a support gunner. The hatch provides a swivel seat design that moves with the main canon of the Helios as well as grooves for attaching the bi-pods of LMG's such the standard Minervan support weapon, the FN Mk-49.

The main canon of the Helios has gone through several variations over it's life. Original designs had a heavy machine-gun barrel that fired .50 caliber ammunition and could hold two-hundred rounds per box loaded into the guns lower section from inside the Helios. While some variants still exist that support the machinegun, some felt it was only fitting to use against infantry units and a hatch gunner could neutralize them just fine. Later models instead replaced the machinegun with a short barreled tank canon that proved highly effective against terrorist vehicles and Dominion armor during the Second Colonial Wars. This canon would fire high-penetration anti-armor shells loaded in 'clips' of up to five rounds, able to fire in quick succession.

The later Helios design featuring added tank treads and the short barreled anti-vehicle canon.

The Helios APC originally was a sketchy case in terms of it's all-terrain movements. While the Helios was good on most roads and capable of being semi-aquatic, it suffered off road due to it's weight distribution that often caused it to overturn. Later models brought in a new design that removed the three rear wheels of the vehicle and replaced them with custom designed tank treads, leaving the two front tires still in place. The change cured the balance issues and provided the Helios with a steadier hold on terrain surface with the treads, the front tire serving to keep the APC moving at optimal speed and holding the rest of the vehicle down to prevent a 'nose-up' incident that most vehicles with treads suffer on off-road terrain. The tires also proved efficient in turning the vehicle's treads without losing as much speed as most tanks would while rounding corners.

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