Class F: XM-586

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Class F: XM-586

Post  DrakoWulf on Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:07 pm

Manufacturer: Xenon Mechanics
Caliber: 5.56x45mm
Class: F


Description: The Xenon-Mechanics 586 assault rifle was developed in 2334 for the U.G.A.F military to utilize as their standard issue assault rifle. To this day the U.G.A.F still utilizes the rifle for this role, the design failing to age for over thirty years, it's long tenure with the federal military also attested to the conservative attitude of the military leaders that favor maintaining old designs that still serve a purpose and are cost efficient.

The 586 is designed to chamber the standard 5.56 ammunition type and features an enlarged trigger guard able to encompass the users whole hand in addition to a long trigger to accommodate a soldiers own personal grip elevation preference. The rifle is designed with a spot for specially designed under-barrel mounted equipment released by Xenon Mechanics such as the XM-68 grenade launcher or XM-70 shotgun attachments. The rifle's specially designed magazines are known to carry up to 35 rounds with a quick-release button that drops spent magazines with no required effort from the user. The rifle's iron-sights are also designed to be swapped for unique sight alternatives, the India-Tech 023 sight being the preferred modification to use by most common soldiers.

Thirty years into service with the U.G.A.F, the 586's long standing run is only threatened by the Tesla-Atomic's pulse weaponry that is currently in testing phases among the Vanguard Brigades. Strong approval from the special forces units to all the pulse-grade weapons is threatening that in perhaps one more decade XM's equipment will be replaced as the federal militaries standard issues and they will find themselves contracted to system government agencies if the federal senate finds the mercy to permit it.

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