Class F: XM-600

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Class F: XM-600

Post  DrakoWulf on Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:51 pm

Manufacturer: Xenon Mechanics
Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Class: F


Description: The Xenon-Mechanics 600 sub-machinegun is the U.G.A.F's chief serving SMG to date with a service record dating back to 2318 after the release of the XM-799 one year prior. Originally intended to utilize a standard .45 caliber round like the 799, XM design team members began to ponder the possibilities of a round that could even better serve the U.G.A.F with higher armor-penetration and velocity. They turned their sights to Fabrique Nationale and requested some of their custom 5.7 rounds that had been in beneficial use for the Five-Seven and P90, as well as the H&K MP7. Retooling a few testing models to accept the round, the results were gradually tweaked with more modifications until the development team knew without a doubt that the 5.7 caliber was the ammunition divinely intended for the 600. With a compact and maneuverable design, collapsible stock, sight-modification compatibility, 25 round magazines, and the 5.7's high velocity and armor-penetration ratings to boot; the XM-600 was approved completely by the U.G.A.F and fully contracted into mass production. Utilized for close quarters encounters in the field by the army and marines, the air-force and navy personnel still use it for security purposes in their compounds. The Internal Protection forces in Solar have also taken to using the weapon as their standard-issue alongside the XM-799.

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