Class F: XM-645

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Class F: XM-645

Post  DrakoWulf on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:15 pm

Manufacturer: Xenon Mechanics
Caliber: 12.7x99mm
Class: F


Description: Brought into the world in 2329 to answer the U.G.A.F's call for a more modern take on a sniper rifle, the XM-645 not only heard the request but blew away the caller- quite literally. The first U.G.A.F officer up to test the rifle was an experienced marksman but only had experience in the lighter-caliber rifles of the military's past. In a video that still circulates on the Intranet to this day, the kick of the 12.7 round proceeded to throw back the unprepared officer several feet from his kneeling position at the firing line. He promptly attempted again and managed to successfully fire the weapon a second time, but later commented his shoulder received nasty bruising.

Despite becoming a meme icon on the Intranet due to the video, the XM-645 quickly secured it's reputation as the primary sniper rifle for U.G.A.F forces in the field of operations. The rectangular telescopic scope has a fairly wide field of vision and sports thermal capabilities in addition to day-to-night recognition optics that make a snipers vision in darkness much capable. Original models of the optics scope would give off a faint glow while penetrating darkness and would give away a snipers position, leading XM to design a rim-mounted blinder that could be attached to the marksman's side of the rifle. The scope then takes on an almost binocular based appearance that prevents the faint glow from exiting anywhere but directly towards the snipers eyes. Later scope models scrapped the glow all together by dulling the light amplification until it was invisible to the naked eye, then issuing special goggles to be worn by sniper units that picked-up on the optics and gave soldiers the ability to use them without fear of being spotted.

The high-caliber 12.7 round has preformed well with the 645, maintaining high velocity and powerful armor-penetration on even standard vehicles. The high amount of recoil requires nearly all snipers in the U.G.A.F to have considerable strength, especially accounting the rifles size and bulk; this aspect being the chief complaint given to the weapon by users. The weapon's magazine is loaded in the stock of the rifle and supports up to 12 rounds a magazine. With a semi-automatic firing mode, the weapon is a lethally efficient rifle at long ranges that punches holes through armored infantry and hostile vehicles alike. The rifle showed it's true use by being one of the few counters the U.G.A.F soldiers had to use against Dominion Golem soldiers that tore through basic infantry and were virtually unharmed by their other forms of weaponry.

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