The Galactic Constitution

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The Galactic Constitution

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History: Written in 2176 A.D., this document was and is the constitution of the Galactic Federation as a grand whole. It's original conception was thought of by Sir Thomas P. Bennett, a member of the Representative Council on Earth during the era of the Confederacy. After the decline of the First Colonial Wars and the successful defeat of the I.R.A. System, it became evident to citizens of the Confederacy that the human controlled galaxy needed stable order to survive. To this end, Bennett stepped forward with the proposal of the Federation; a new form of government to take over for the Confederacy. With the council's approval, Bennett wrote The Galactic Constitution with the aid of three other political individuals. The finished result would become the definition of what the Federation is. To this day, the document can be found in reformed New York City, in the Bennett Museum of Human History; an establishment named after Thomas in honor of the document's home there. It is notable that the document does not detail the exact workings of the government itself. These were later described in separate document's, which found home in the same museum as this very document.

08-06-2176 A.D.
Constitutional Document of the Federation

Through the trials that humanity as a whole has faced, through countless conflicts and squabbles throughout generations and decades, only one thing has been made evident and long standing in our history: the frailty of our species. Our nature is unpredictable, and often unreasonable. We are most certainly driven by selfish desires in the common day. But it has come to this point in time that mankind has reached it's breaking point, when the strain of our spite stands poised to permanently break the back of our species, and send our crippled bodies spiraling into oblivion. Some of us may be driven by hatred, others by greed, and others by virtue. But whatever the case, the inevitable truth is that mutual destruction is within our midst. The time has come for resolve. To put aside our differences as humans, and to stand above our genes and natural instincts. To put aside differences in political beliefs, and stand united for a cause greater then any one man can ever comprehend. Not just the future of ourselves, but the future of all generations. The future of universal order.

To this end, in mutual agreement to begin negotiations, mankind has banded together in the wakes of our galactic war to usher in a new era of peace. This document shall be the harbinger of this peace. So long as this document stands tall for all to freely see, this peace shall always last. Even under the shadow of possible tyranny, rebellion, or conflict, this document proves to the citizens who live by it that there is always hope in the eye of the storm. This document will birth the new structured order of the galaxy, the Galactic Space Alliance Federation. An orderly, united, and just society for Earth, its core worlds, and all the colonies that exist today and those that shall in the future.

The Federation is to acknowledge and respect that each individual system's endeavors and desires is their own. Only when stepping outside of designated Federal law will the core worlds government become directly involved. All system's and independent colonies are self-governing in their own right to freedom and the mentality of their specific people. The Federal government is nothing more then the keeper and provider for their security and their rights. Independent they may stand, yet they are held together by invisible strings of brotherhood and mutual respect that will be the salvation of humanity as a species. Together, the united people of the Federation cannot falter to whatever stands before them, whether it be the shadow of a tyrant's conquest, or the looming threat of an alien species long undiscovered in the stars. Never will the courage, preservation, virtue, and capability of men united together fail, so long as we know what we are truly striving for. The future of both our planets, our history, and our species. Both family, friend, and rival.

We, the newly appointed Council of the Federation, implore all patriots of the human race to stand together to rebuild our worlds. To push forward into a brighter future without pestilence, conflict, famine, or death. Push forward for yourselves, your families, and your nation.

Sir Thomas P. Bennett, October 6th 2176 A.D.

Reaction: The Galactic Constitution was met with universal praise and approval. The vast majority of Federal citizens embraced their new nation and guidelines, leading to a strong growing capitalist federal society. On the other hand, Leonid Makarov, Autrach of the I.R.A., begged the question why the Confederate Council decided upon the core world to be a democratic capitalist nation, feeling such ideology was enforced on the other system's. Thomas Bennett responded to his enraged inquires with a quote that has been used throughout the generations since it was spoken.

"Remember that it is only because of our democracy, that you have the freedom and the voice to desire a different government."
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