The Administrative Directorate

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The Administrative Directorate

Post  DrakoWulf on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:01 pm

The Desertian Administrative Directorate is the central governing body of DesertiaRP as a roleplay community, functioning as a government and state managing organization. Based on the focus of leading as a function rather than as individuals, the Directorate is made of the most trust worthy and patriotic individuals that DesertiaRP's membership has to offer. Their roles extend into two primary branches, The Administrators and The Moderators.

The Administrators:
The chief governing figures of DesertiaRP, devoted and focused to their area of specific expertise. The Administrators are not a band of various people just pulled together to discuss things like in most roleplay communities, but rather each has their own specific job and focus, giving each a purpose and drive. When it comes to implementations and choices however, they act as one functioning body.

Chairman of the Administration:

Current Incumbent: Col. StaR

The Chairman of the Administration (sometimes referred to redundantly as 'Head Administrator') is the de facto leader and head of state and head of government for DesertiaRP. They officially manage The Directorate as it's acting Commander-In-Chief, holding dominion over it's affairs at the discretion and assistants of other Administrator's. The position's focus is on the complete well being of the community both ICly and OOCly, having the responsibility to coordinate and centralize the separate departments into a complete effort. His focus is also on securing and maintaining the forums, script, and server of the community. In a sense, they are also the external face of the community and trusted to maintain diplomatic affairs and relations.

Director of Out-Of-Character Affairs and Relations:

Current Incumbent: BladeZero

The Director of Out-Of-Character (OOC) Affairs is the person trusted to maintain the relations and stability of DesertiaRP in an OOC stance. Complaints, suggestions, and general issues are usually preferred to go through this administrator as the sort of 'community admin'. The job entails to resolve issues between players before they continue to drag on and stress the entire community, as well as maintain the hopeful good atmosphere between all roleplayers out of the server and even in. They will also tend to take on the immediate role of foreign affairs, handling relations with other communities alongside the Chairman of the Administration.

Director of In-Character Affairs and Development:

Current Incumbent: DrakoWulf

The Head of In-Character (IC) Affairs is the person trusted to shape, maintain, and handle the in-game world around the players. Designated to create the canon, history, and features available to the playerbase while in-server. Ideas for creating factions, groups, businesses, story arcs, or even to create a portion of your own canon will have to go through this individual at one time or another. Their foremost duty is to maintain the IC world and depth, but they are still designated to handle OOC issues if they occur In-Server. Ranging beyond this however, it will be the issue of OOC Affairs.

The Moderators:
Dedicated and experienced members of the DesertiaRP community, handpicked by The Administration to enforce and follow the rules and regulations of the community. Long time membership and popularity is not the key factor in any Moderator, but rather the loyalty and devotion they have to DesertiaRP and The Directorate as a whole. Their job is merely to enforce the rules upon the membership and to resolve issues OOCly when the time is necessary, as they hold no political sway in the Administration. This can effectively classify them as lower tier members of OOC Affairs.

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