Standardized Internal Protection Uniform (S.I.P.U.)

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Standardized Internal Protection Uniform (S.I.P.U.)

Post  DrakoWulf on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:22 pm

Standard Variant:

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Designed and created by Wrangler Protective Clothing and Uniform Industrial, the Standardized Internal Protection Uniform is standard-issue for all Internal Protection Units. Without as much need for heavy combat gear as other U.G.A.F. branches of service, the Internal Protection Force required a light but still dependable suit that would be able to satisfy all their units needs in the field of operations. The S.I.P.U. was the answer to these issues, and was developed and put into mass-production by 2181. Note worthily, the suit has managed to find use outside of the Internal Protection Force, through some divisions of G.S.A.F. Intelligence and Affairs Agencies.

The suit features a rough and protective vulcanized rubber flak vest on it's outter-cover that features a flame-resistant quality, coupled with a natural resistance to light cuts that most clothing fabric would be torn asunder by. The torso is non-surprisingly a standard kevlar vest under it's material, with a comfortable padded layer on the inside of the suit. Slipped inside of the kevlar vest is at least one thin sheet of resistant titanium alloy similar in design to virtually all other kevlar modifications put into use by official organizations. The suits belts also come equipped with several hip carrying pouches for extra equipment such as ammunition magazines, canteens, binoculars, and other personal belongings. An interactive radio control module is also present on the suits hip (side depending on users preference) that permits the user to interact with their built-in helmet RadTech RS30 radio, the helmet itself being a standard Mark 3 C.E.F.M.

Special Division Variant:

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Developed by Wrangler Protective Clothing and Uniform Industrial shortly after the development of the standard S.I.P.U. variant, this version was designed with the intention to distinguish units of more 'unique' status. The suit was put into service and issued to Protection Units of Special Operations divisions, particularly those in the Solar wide unit 'Cerberus'. Color variants of the suit exist for other similar designations such as specially trained sniper units, outfitted with a uniform to blend into the shadows. The Special Division S.I.P.U. has no different qualities from the standard variant other then a uniquely designed version of the C.E.F.M. (Mark 4), and a different loadout for the user.

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