Specialized Environment and Terrain Uniform (S.E.T.U.)

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Specialized Environment and Terrain Uniform (S.E.T.U.)

Post  DrakoWulf on Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:10 pm

Version One:

Credit to Col. StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Designed and produced by the Miner's Rights Commission Movement based on Themis, the original S.E.T.U. was made in 2302 and shipped out to mining facilities across Xenon. Licensed by foreign mining corporations, the suit also found use in neighboring system's across the galaxy. Produced to protect the common miner from the common hazardous threats they face in their dangerous line of work, the suit functions to not only protect the user from hostile wild-life and other humans, but to also filter degrees of dust and toxins. The suit's acclaim was so successful, it found it's way to the common market on planets such as Desertia, and was sold to privateers and adventurers. The uniform surprisingly served well as a general combat uniform, and was worn by vigilante, mercenary, and bandit alike. Early versions of the suit had a dull, patternless appearance to it's clothing, but later adaptions were given a black digital camouflage (primarily for show). Over the plain fabricated articles of clothing, the suit comes with with a protective torso kevlar, one of the few that has not taken advantage of implanted titanium plates. Issued a varying degree of hip containers and bags that can be worn on the users back, the suit functioned to contain valuable rocks and resources for miners, and ammunition or supplies for adventurers. The suit's head protection largely consisted of a plain beanie for head warmth (Something most considered unnecessary on a planet like Desertia, and was often set aside for mining work). A plain face-covering gasmask is also issued with the suit, working with a moderate quality filter to protect the user from dangerous airborne diseases in the mines.

Version Two:

Credit to Col.StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Recently produced in 2365 by the Miner's Rights Commission Movement, this suit was a follow up to their well received S.E.T.U. Version 1. In the short time this suit has been shipped out to varying miner's societies, approval has already gone through the developers expectations and blown the original out of the water. Surprisingly, it has already found it's way onto the civilian market as a much more expensive variant of the original model. The suit is not made from plain fabric as the original suit, but now a leather flame-resistant green-beige color complete with built-in shoulder, knee, and elbow protection. The suit comes with a more heavy duty kevlar then the original model, but it still lacks the titanium plating of most official organizations work. The suit has more reliable head protection in the form of a resistant hood, and a more protective mask of Yosemitan military design with a dual-filter function. The suit is known for not being as flexible and comfortable as the original version, but is much more protective for the user.

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