Class: ILLEGAL Skorpion

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Class: ILLEGAL Skorpion

Post  Col. StaR on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:13 pm

Caliber: 9x19mm
Class: Illegal


Description: Primarily used by criminal organizations because of its size, price, and automatic capabilities, the Skorpion was originally intended for usage by IRA law enforcement for precisely the same reason. After the creation of the Klin and the acceptance to import higher-quality foreign-made weapons, the Skorpion fell into the hands of the underground en masse. Still considered one of the most dangerous weapons to be used in terrorist acts because of just how concealable it is, it can turn a simple bandit into an intimidating foe.


"Who Dares, Wins"
-British SAS Motto

Desertia Characters:

-John Winters, CE Commander: Alive
-Terra Heinz, Local DETS: Alive
-Sofia Sanders, Deadly Mercenary: Alive
-Peterson Irving, XEM Scientist: Alive
-Steven Farell, Undercover GDN Agent: Alive
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