Class C: AWP

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Class C: AWP

Post  Col. StaR on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:29 pm

Manufacturer: Atlas Armaments
Caliber: 7.62x51mm
Class: C


Description: Considered one of the finest sniper rifles in the world, the AWP (Artic Warfare-Police) combines precise mechanisms with some of the highest quality workmanship from a company that prides itself on its weapons' accuracy. While it is costly to afford the best, the AWP's performance is unparalleled when used by an experienced shooter.


"Who Dares, Wins"
-British SAS Motto

Desertia Characters:

-John Winters, CE Commander: Alive
-Terra Heinz, Local DETS: Alive
-Sofia Sanders, Deadly Mercenary: Alive
-Peterson Irving, XEM Scientist: Alive
-Steven Farell, Undercover GDN Agent: Alive
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