Planetary Overview

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Planetary Overview

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Estimated Population: 3,500,000 People
Estimated Age: 4.3 Million Years
Mean Radius: *You're up StaR.*
Surface Area: *You're up StaR.*
Surface Composition: 67% Marsh Lands (40% of which containing bodies of water), 23% Urban Environments, 10% Deadzone Wastelands
Average Day: 17 Hours
Average Year: *You're up StaR, have fun with your so called 'math'.*
Average Gravity: 1.153g
Number of Satellites: None.

Description: Nemean is the single planet in the Yosemitan system and therefore the sole planet that many believe to still be based around 21st Century democratic beliefs as opposed to an aristocratic-union, autocracy, imperialism, or corporatocracy. Nemean is a planet largely formed of marshlands and signature large trees that the planet in known for. The eastern and northern regions of the planet are labeled as the sole locations of modernized Yosemitan society with the south and the west being unofficially colonized by the government forces. It is for this reason that many chose to venture out into these regions on their own and make a living for themselves in the marshes. Several unofficial and even self-running communities exist in these regions with a varying degree of people with different specialties. A small portion of the south section of the planet is famous for being renown as a 'deadzone', a black and charred section of earth plagued with radiation. Federation scientist organizations such as the S.S.E.U have long tried to speculate as to what the nature of the deadzone is, but have yet been able to make any kind of definitive deduction aside from multiple theories from various scrambled sources.

Origins and Colonization: Nemean was first discovered in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2156 by the Russian Autocracy as they seeked to expand themselves in hopes of finding a sustainable location to provide food without having to remain dependent on Confederate imports from Silvanus due to their plans to secede and cut all relations. Nemean was the answer due to it's more sustainable agriculture in various locations of its marshland. The food that could be harvested would be more then enough combined with what few resources Alkanost grows to feed the majority of the Autocracy. Nemean colonists were not satisfied with their lives however, primarily due to three key reasons. The first being that the majority of food grown was to be sent immediately to Veles and Alkanost while they fed on scraps. Secondly, the funding put forward to making colonists acceptable and hospitable homes was less then substantial for the population that tortured many in times of bad weather that might caught flooding in the marshes. The third was the stricter military presence placed on Nemean then Veles and Alkanost. It was common for military forces in the I.R.A to keep surveillance over the population, but the martial law implaced on Nemean was corrupted, biased, and took their own complaints out on the colonists. This came to be the downfall point of the I.R.A when in 2167, the colonists finally decided to take a stand against the Autocracy and managed to get under-table communications out to the Confederacy in hopes of assistance. This was met in 2168 when a Confederate task force arrived with armaments for the resistance as well as the experimental anti-orbital canons that had yet to be properly field tested. Working in conjunction with the Confederates, Nemean rebels successfully overthrew the I.R.A military forces on the planet, but not before a distress signal was sent back to Alkanost. The rebels quickly arranged their anti-orbital guns in their key hard point in hopes of getting a clear shot at the soon to arrive I.R.A fleet. Certainly enough on March 28th, the fleet arrived unaware of the anti-orbital equipment with the intention to land directly on the resistances heads with no fear of their small arms fire. This tactical decision was their undoing when the anti-orbital canons proved much more then adequate to demolish the descending fleet before it even had the opportunity to deploy a single dropship. Since this day, March 28th has been hailed as Independence Day for the Yosemitans, who declared themselves an independent single-planet system with the backing of the Confederacy. Their independence has still been supported in the days of the Federation, while they've taken the time to form a strong and orderly democracy on the planets surface. Nemean was also the sight of the first battle of the Second Colonial Wars when a small Dominion fleet invaded Yosemitan territory via the north and captured the capital city of Pythagoras, resulting in the death of the Yosemitan's President. This invasion was merely a distraction for the rest of the armada to invade Vexador in an attempt to cripple the U.G.A.F's military stronghold in Sagittarius so that they would have a clearer shot at Xenon.

Wild-Life: Nemean has a variety of land-based mammals with little to no real aquatic life in it's few water sources. But the most iconic creature of Nemean is the Gargoyle, an airborne mammal renown for it's terrifying demeanor and the role it played against both the Dominion and the Federation in the Second Colonial Wars during the invasion.

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