[Food] North Region Whiskey

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[Food] North Region Whiskey

Post  Col. StaR on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:52 pm

Manufacturer: Unknown
Purpose: Beverage, Alcoholic

Description: Made illicitly and distributed illegally, the Whiskey beverage known as North Region Whiskey is considered to be the strongest alcoholic drink available on Desertia. Not very much is known about the drink, save for its location and what alcohol it is. The fermentation process, what grains are used, and who makes it is completely unknown. Distribution occurs through a series of middlemen from the Northern Region, most of whom are sworn into secrecy in fear that their organization will be found out. While XEM continues to search for the producers and order them to cease and desist for operating outside of XEM regulation, the search has come up relatively empty, and the matter seems to have been put to rest entirely. In the current day, the only regions of Desertia that have explicitly branded the drink as illegal in their territory are the Northern, Southern, and Central Eastern.


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