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[Item] Backpacks

Post  Col. StaR on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:31 am

Manufacturer: Black Wolf Incorporated
Purpose: Personal Storage and Item Transportation Equipment
Cost: Varies, based on purpose, model, and intended usage. Currently ranges from 50-250 Mesi.


One of Xenon's locally owned and operated companies, Black Wolf Incorporated has made its mark as one of the most reputable manufacturers of backpacks and travel packs available. With a strong focus on quality manufacturing and technological/methodological advancements, Black Wolf's products are put through some of the most rigorous field tests to ensure that they meet the highest standards in the industry.

Available Variants:
- The Butt Pack
While its official name, "Lightweight Handi-pack" has been replaced by the much more concise, "Butt Pack" designation, the pack itself delivers a simple, easily-accessed storage space for smaller items. A good alternative if a purse or a fanny pack prove to be unstylish or impractical.

- Regular Pack
The standard "Pioneer" backpack model acts as the golden standard for all of Black Wolf's products, and is one of the most popular products the company makes. With a simple design, compact size, and quality stitching, the backpack is a great choice for mobility and modularity.

- Travel Pack
The "Traveler" model backpack is specifically designed with lightweight travel in mind. While maintaining a compact size and shape, the pack is split in half, with one side dedicated solely to a rucksack or sleeping bag, while the other is devoted to storage space. A good choice for an outdoorsman who needs to be swift.

- Supply Pack
The "Atlas" model backpack stays true to its namesake, designed for nothing but sheer portable storage space. With three large main storage compartments, and a number of modular side compartments as well, an individual can pack up to several cubic feet worth of items inside the pack. Paired with the ability to maintain its shape and strength under extreme duress, this backpack is essential for who has to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

- "Pathfinder" Pack
The "Pathfinder" backpack is an updated variant of the "Traveler" model backpack. Reworked to offer the same capabilities as the popular "Traveler" model, the "Pathfinder" model offers a redesigned storage compartment that enables faster, more convenient access to the items inside.

- "Trailblazer" Pack
The "Trailblazer" backpack is considered, "the complete package". With a multiple storage compartments arranged vertically, the user can store much more without sacrificing mobility or straining their back. A multitude of modular side pockets and latches allow items to be reached easily and flexibly. Lastly, the under-slung napsack design cuts back on bulkiness, while distributing weight more towards the user's natural center of gravity, allowing them to better maintain balance. The "Trailblazer" Pack is currently the epitome of Black Wolf's backpack designs, and is held to the highest standard of quality in order to deliver impressive, yet uncompromising, results.


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