Hazardous Enviornment Protection Suit (H.E.P.S.)

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Hazardous Enviornment Protection Suit (H.E.P.S.)

Post  DrakoWulf on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:15 pm

Credit to Col.StaR for picture.

Origins and Function: Developed by the Society of Scientific Expanse and University (S.S.E.U.) in 2453, shortly after the societies founding in 2451. The suit was designed with it's field operatives in mind, intending to give all brave members who venture into hazardous and potentially life-threatening locations for their research a fair chance at survival. The suit itself is made of a stern yet comfortable leather body-suit, able to be worn through use of a zipper on the front side of the suit. The suit also comes with a form of 'kevlar' torso cover, also able to be optionally equipped with a similar zipper function. The kevlar is standard in most regards, save for thin sheets of a titanium alloy inside it's bulk on either side of the zipper. The 'head-dome' of the suit fits tightly around the users neck almost to the point of choking, but this is done to contain the users air supply in potentially radioactive or gas filled locations. Their air-supply from here is given through two tubes attached to the back of the helmet, leading into a contained air supply pack attached to the suits back. The dome on the front of the helmet that gives the user vision is a vulcanized rubber cover, making it not quite so easily punctured by lighter means of damage to prevent the leakage of contained air supplies. The suit also comes with two hip-bags for containing supplies, one fit for either hip.

The suit is not designed for combat, the kevlar vest merely installed for protection in the case of hostility in local inhabitants. The suit is currently only made available to S.S.E.U. personnel working in the field beyond their labs, outside availability only done possibly on the blackmarket for rouge scientific organizations. Sales in the Federation's black market system is regardless, very low and their quantity is therefore somewhat rare.

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